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Lets face it, the Internet is like the Wild Wild West was years ago. While governments try to regulate it and police it, that feat is almost impossible. Anytime you are handing money over to an online merchant you should make sure the company is reputable. Online Casinos are no different and in fact should even be treated with a little more caution.

Why Use USALegalCasinos.com?

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  1. Casino Reviews from Actual Casino Users
  2. Experience – Over 100 Years Combined
  3. Industry Knowledge
  4. Exclusive Bonuses Available to Only our Visitors
  5. USALegalCasinos is a GPWA Approved Portal

Our staff here at USA Legal Casinos has over 100 years of gambling experience behind them and started playing online the second they had the chance! Those years of expertise and knowledge of the industry are combined into this website to bring you only the very best USA online casinos.

Unlike many other online casino websites who accept money to have casinos listed, we actually play and use the casinos listed here on our website. We do not just write a few words and put up some flashy pictures and banners, we play, deposit and withdraw multiple times at each casino. In doing so we have learned very quickly (and sometimes the hard way by losing our money) which casinos are good and offer a good product and which casinos to avoid.  There are far many more bad online casinos on the Internet as there are good ones.

Because we live in the USA we have gone through the same difficulties trying to get deposits approved and waiting on withdraws as you have. In order for a casino to make it on our website it must not only provide a great online casino to play at but also must be able to get deposits approved and send withdraws out quickly. We have played at a few online casinos which offered great games and slots but we could never get a credit card deposit approved. We would have to Western Union money to the casino when we wanted to play and no-one wants to run to the Western Union agent every time they want to play some blackjack or take a shot at some slots. As a result those casinos are not included here on our website. In addition, we do take the Internet’s or casinos “word” for how good a casino is. Even if an online casino has a great reputation, if we were unable to get a deposit approved we could not play there and hence the casino is not listed.

We are proud of the casinos we list here on our website and we think you will be pleased with the experience you have at any and all the USA online casinos listed here. We don’t take money from casinos in order to get their site listed on our website or accept any type of advertising. The online casinos listed here are listed because we ourselves enjoyed playing there. We do receive compensation only after we have already listed the casino and that is explained in more detail in a post entitled Why Use Our Online Casinos. Only after we have decided to list a casino using our own judgement will we accept any compensation. We will never accept payment from a casino to be listed here without first playing at the casino ourselves. If we like the casino we ourselves will then contact the casino.

We hope you like our website and give our casinos a try. Remember to use our links and bonus codes to make sure you receive the best bonus available. Many bonuses listed here are exclusive only to our visitors. Also please feel free to leave a comment below or if you need to contact us you can email us at support(@)usalegalcasinos.com. Also be sure to check our online casino news section for the latest happenings in the online casino world. You can bookmark the section or add our feed to your favorite reader.

Online casino operators: Please do not contact us asking us to list your casino. We only list online casinos where we ourselves play and we try new online casinos on a regular basis. If your casino is worthy of being listed on our website it will eventually be added. We will not accept compensation to list an online casino on our website.

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