Pennsylvania Online Gaming Bill

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Pennsylvania gaming bill under the name House Bill 2150 that is supposed to legalize and regulate online gaming including online casinos and daily fantasy sport (DFS) might be revisited on a hearing this week and possibly approved by the Senate. In June this year the bill passed the House of Representatives, but the final approval by the senate and the governor is still pending. It is estimated that by approving the bill the state would benefit from the revenue of up to $100 million from online gambling and DFS thanks to license fees and tax. The last window for this year closes on Wednesday 26th, which is marked as the final legislative session in 2016.

Online Gambling and DFS Bill Made it Halfway to the Senate

There have been many attempts to introduce a bill to legalize online gambling, but the only one that resonated and received the attention of the lawmakers was the one proposed by Representative John Payne who introduced the House Bill 2150 this year in June. The bill to allow online gambling and daily fantasy sports including online slot machines at airports passed the House of Representatives with the voting result 114-85. However, that is not to say that everything went smoothly. The bill had to be amended, that is to exclude the part about Video Game Terminals that would allow bars and taverns to offer video games, but the problem was that this would mean that they would need to acquire liquor license as well. This part of the bill was not acceptable so the bill was not approved by the House of the Representatives until it was eliminated from the draft.

Following the approval of the Representatives, the House Bill 2150 was only a few steps away from being put in motion. It required the approval of the senate and the signature of the Governor. This was expected to be solved by July, but unfortunately, the issue is still open.

The Window Is Slowly Closing

This week is the last chance for the bill to be approved by the Senate in the current year, being that October 26th is the last session for this year. The prospects are still unclear but the sponsor of the bill Rep. Payne who will be retired by the end of next month is optimistic about his bill being passed before he withdraws from the political scene.

According to Rep. John Payne, the significance of the bill reflects in the financial benefit that it will bring to the state budget. Furthermore he adds that many online casino operators are operating out of state on neighboring legalized markets. By legalizing online gambling Pennsylvania would generate revenue of $100 million and remain competitive.

The casinos interested in expanding their offering to online niche would have to acquire a five-year license at the cost of $8 million, while the licence would be subject to renewal fees of $250,000. In addition to this, any partner of theirs providing technology or content would also have to acquire a licence which would cost $2 million while renewal fees would be $100,000.

Is It Safe and Legal to Play Online?

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UIGEAIf you live in the USA you’ve probably heard about ‘Black Friday’ and all the troubles that came along with it. You hear things like ‘FBI’, ‘shutdown’, ‘illegal’ or ‘UIGEA’ and you wonder what is this all about and whether you can play your usual casino games.

In fact, nothing has really changed. Online gambling and gambling in general, was, is and will forever be an important aspect of the American culture. While we can’t deny that compulsive gambling is a problem at a personal level, this problem is actually a very little problem at the federal level, statistics suggest.

There have been many efforts and years of talk about the subject and more people are confident that it’s only a matter of time until online gambling becomes 100% legal and regulated in the United States. And while this is a ‘game’ for the lawmakers, players want action now, today!

So is it sake and legal to play from the USA? We believe the answer is yes, it is safe and also legal to play casino games online but you do have to do it at the right place.

Not every online casino accepts USA players, so in order to register make sure to use one of our recommended USA online casinos. Also make sure they offer you enough deposit and withdrawal methods that work for you. You don’t want to make a deposit, win some bucks and then not be able to cash that out.

The truth is, there are many online casinos accepting USA players. As long as they are not hosted and/or operated from the USA, it’s OK to play with them. Remember though, not every casino site that claims to accept USA players is 100% safe. It is best for you to check them out and read reviews. Some of the online casinos we strongly recommend to our visitors are Aladdin’s Gold, Las Vegas USA, BetOnline and Lucky Red. All of them accept USA players and it is absolutely safe and legal to register and play. What’s more, they are powered by leading casino software providers in the likes of RTG, Rival or Betsoft which assures high-quality graphics and sounds. They also come with dedicated bonuses for USA players and support payment methods that should work for you.

In the end, remember that even though online gambling was banned in 2006, there is no law in the United States at the federal level that prohibits online gambling. It is illegal to wager on a server located in the USA or advertise online gambling in media, but it’s not a problem if you play for yourself at one of the many USA friendly online casinos. At least all the research we have done suggests this. It is important to check your local laws, but nowhere can we or anyone else we have talked to find a law stating it is illegal to play online casino games and slots from the USA.

Banking is the biggest issue facing Americans so be sure to see all the USA online casino deposits and methods available. When your ready to cash out some of the most common payment methods for USA players are Cash and Money Transfers, Wires, Checks and even Bitcoin. It is of course up to each individual to decide what’s best for them. But things are quite safe for the millions of Americans that gamble online and this is not a question to worry about!

Play With Real Live Dealers

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livecasinoimageIf you play blackjack, roulette, baccarat or casino holdem check out the online casinos that offers these popular games with a real live person as the dealer. For some popular casino table games, online casinos have developed technology that allows players to play at a brick and mortar casino over a live streaming feed. Your game takes place inside a casino located miles away and through the use of cameras and microphones you can see and hear everything that is going on. As the games starts and progresses you interact with the dealer through the software using a series of prompts just like at an online casino. These “Live Dealer Casinos” or “Live Online Casinos” are the latest in online casino technology and raises the bar for online play. If you are a table games player it really is worthwhile to check out a live dealer casino.

Currently, only a few of the more popular casino games are offered for live dealer play but with the popularity of these games growing faster than anything we have seen, it shouldn’t be long before more games are being offered. At this time only blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino holdem are offered with live dealers but if one of those games is one of your favorites you should do yourself a favor and check out one of our recommended live dealer casinos. All the live dealer casinos we recommend allow USA players and have a few years experience behind them. They are considered safe and reputable and they all get USA deposits easily. Our top USA live dealer casino is the BetOnline Casino which has been in business since  2001 and has a great reputation for fair play, easy deposits and fast withdraws.

Sign up at BetOnline and try their live dealer casino where you can play all the live games currently being offered. Play live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat, live dealer roulette and live dealer casino holdem. BetOnline accepts USA players and has outstanding USA credit card deposit success rates. Use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Diners Club credit card and chances are it will get approved. You can also deposit by Bitcoin or by sending cash if you do not want to use a credit card. When you are ready to make a withdraw request a Bank Wire, ACH withdraw, Bitcoin or cash transfer or request a check. Bitcoin and cash transfer withdraws are processed and sent quickly and you will have your funds in less than 24 hours in most cases. See our complete BetOnline Casino review for more details and get started playing live dealer games at one fo the most reputable USA online casinos in the business.

The other USA live dealer casino we recommend is the 5Dimes Casino. 5Dimes is also a trusted and reputable USA online casino being in business since 1996! 5Dimes also offers live blackjack, baccarat, roulette and casino holdem as well as a full selection of other online casino games, slots and video poker. The only problem with 5Dimes is that USA credit cards are hit or miss as to whether they get approved. 5Dimes does offer Bitcoin and cash transfer deposits but credit card deposits can be tough. Also see our full 5 Dimes Casino review for more information and then use any link to visit and sign up at what may be the oldest USA online casino in the industry.

Use either of our recommended USA live dealer casinos and play like you would in a brick and mortar casino. Live dealer casinos are the best addition to online casinos in the several years and if you like playing table games they really are a must try.

Mega Moolah Slot Review

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Mega Moolah is one of Microgaming’s flagship pokies, mainly because it is the biggest progressive slot machine online. When it was first developed, it instantly broke the record for the biggest ever online jackpot and it continued to set and break records after that. In 2015, it blew

all previous records out of the water when a player from the UK scooped a jackpot of close to $20 million playing this game.

Not bad for a bet of a couple of dollars.

But does this game have anything else going on except for the jackpot?

Mega Moolah Basics

Although it has a “cash-themed” name, that doesn’t cross over into the graphics. It’s all about animals, which is a connection we just can’t make. We’re not really sure where that came from, but it works nonetheless. They are not the best graphics we have seen, but they aren’t bad. If you have ever played the game Wild Gambler, then they are very similar, albeit a little rougher around the edges.

The gameplay is quick, but the Return to Player is weak, coming in at under 90%. For a modern slot machine, that is terrible. Especially when you consider that Microgaming rarely go below 95%. Of course, it’s low for a reason, as the house needs to cover the jackpot and allow it to keep on building, but it means that if you’re a grinder type of gambler, playing for the slight margins and focusing on scooping little wins, this is not the game for you. Mega Moolah is more for the gambler who doesn’t turn their nose up at the odds offered by lotteries, the gambler who is happy to lose a little if it means getting a chance at winning a lot. You can try the Mega Moolah slot for free if you wanna give it spin before wagering real money.

The Progressives

There are four jackpots in total on Mega Moolah. The first of these is pathetic, to say the least. It is usually less than $10 when it is won, so it’s nothing to get excited about. The 3rd jackpot is a little better, but it’s only going to excite small stake gamblers. It starts to get very interesting at the second jackpot and the main one is the life changing one. This has a seed amount of $1 million. This is the amount that it begins at, which means it can’t go lower.

These jackpots are won at random and you don’t need to trigger any scatter symbols or bonus symbols. The bigger the jackpots are, the lower your odds of getting them and you need to stake a certain amount to qualify for all.


Mega Moolah is a great game for luring casual gamers into USA online casinos. After all, no one can resist a slot that can make them a millionaire for just a $1 stake. However, it doesn’t have the best graphics, it doesn’t have many features and the RTP is poor, so while it will appeal to all-or-nothing gamblers and casual players, it leaves a lot to be desired for the experienced slot machine player.

Spirit of the Inca Online Slot Review

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Spirit of the Inca is available at many of the best USA online casinos around and that is because it uses the excellent RTG (Realtime Gaming) software that is preferred by many US real money casinos and slots sites. The game is a progressive jackpot slot with a difference so read on as we give you all the key information about this innovative, original and superbly designed online slot.

There are actually a range of different progressive slots on offer on this game, with the top prize, Spirit of the Inca Grand, worth a massive $287,000, the Maxi worth $240,000, the Major an impressive $195,000, the Minor worth a far from minor $111,000 and even the smallest progressive, the Mini, offering players a tasty $54,000.

That might not compare all that well with the biggest RTG progressives out there, with slots such as Aztec’s Millions and Jackpot Pinatas offering almost $2m but even so, a win of almost $300,000 would be pretty life-changing for pretty much most people!

Winning the progressive prizes on Spirit of the Inca is a little different to other slots you may have played at online casinos. Each jackpot has a trigger point and you win simply by playing at the time that trigger is reached, sending the pot boiling over right into your balance!

To win the full amount of the jackpot you need to be playing maximum stakes. Spirit of the Inca is a five reel, 25 line slot, like many of RTG’s finest. The maximum stake per line is 20 cents, for a $5 total spin value and although you can still claim a proportion of the jackpot with a smaller stake, to max it out you need to be hitting five bucks a pop.

That may be a little rich for some tastes but all in all Spirit of the Inca offers enough in the way of entertainment, excitement and other big wins to make the very much worthwhile. The bonus feature on Spirit of the Inca is one of our very favorites and really can lead to some monster wins.

To enter the bonus you’ll need to get the Incan Spirit symbol on the first and last reels. First off you pick three symbols from a choice of 15 to ascertain how many free spins you’ll have. Each one could give you 25 free spins, so you could be in for plenty of bonus action, whilst the fourth pick is a multiplier and the fifth offers extras wilds. This bonus can even be retriggered and so with such a great feature, PLUS a range of progressives, Spirit of the Inca has to be one of our favorite slots!

Megasaur: Great Progressive Slot Worth Trying

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Most USA online casinos offer a great range of slots and if you like progressive slots you’ll love Megasaur. Read on as we explain what makes this dinosaur themed game so much fun, as well as giving you details of the current size of the jackpot (hint: it’s big!).

Megasaur, like many slots at US online casinos, is a game provided by Realtime Gaming (RTG). RTG were originally founded in Atlanta and they work closely with many of the best USA online casinos around. That means finding Megasaur will be easy, with most of the real money casinos and slots sites we feature here at offering this brilliant game.

As with many of RTG’s slots, it’s bright, fast and loads of fun but unlike a lot of slots, Megasaur might just change your life in less time that it takes to say diplodocus. That’s because the progressive jackpot on offer right now on Megasaur is a mega-massive $981,000! This great slot has paid out a seven figure sum in the past and unless someone – and why not you? – wins it soon, it will reach the magical Megasaur million once again.

As with a lot of the best online slots RTG produce, Megasaur has five reels and 25 paylines and in order to hit the big one you’ll need to first of all access the bonus feature. To do that you’ll need to get three of the scatter symbols, the scatter in Megasaur being the moonlit volcano symbol.

Once in the bonus round, hit all five volcanoes and you’ll be in Megasaur heaven, counting a massive six and perhaps seven figure win. Of course, the progressive is not the only way to win a dino-sized prize on Megasaur and the bonus itself, which offers 2, 5 or 10 free spins, is also great fun.

The other symbols to look out for are the two wilds, the green Megasaur and the red Megasaur. The green will appear on the second reel and like the red, which appears on reel four, is a grouped wild. Wins featuring a red Megasaur are doubled and so if you make five in a row of any of the big three dinosaur symbols with a wild you’ll be sitting very prettily, with a win of up to 2000 credits!

All in all Megasaur is undoubtedly great fun and offers the chance to win life changing cash. Why not give it a try today and see if you can be the one to land that monstrous progressive jackpot?

Progressive Jackpot Current Payouts

March 10, 2016 Category :Jackpots Off

All of the best USA online casinos offer progressive jackpot slots and these games are incredibly exciting, as for less than the cost of cheap burger you could win millions of dollars and change your life forever. Let me assure you, a big progressive win is gonna taste a whole lot nicer than a two buck burger!

Many of the real money online casinos and slots sites we feature here use software from Realtime Gaming (RTG) and the following are the top five progressive jackpots you can win at RTG US casinos right now!

Aztec’s Millions – $1,820,000

There is almost $1.82m up for grabs at this exciting, fun and potentially life changing RTG progressive slot. Themed on the ancient Mexican civilization of the Aztec’s, expect jungle sounds and sights, simple gameplay and a fantastic bonus round. This is a follow up slot to the massively successful Aztec’s Treasure but with added win lines and a new progressive jackpot, this one beats the original hands down and is the biggest RTG progressive currently on offer at approximately $1,816,254.

Jackpot Pinatas – $1,750,000

This is another Mexican themed RTG progressive with, as the name suggests, pinatas the name of the game. There are three pinata symbols in the game and it’s the bull that delivers the massive payout, worth well over $1.75m! Aside from that you can also win huge amounts from the brilliant bonus feature, which we think is one of the most fun around, whilst the graphics and sound also contribute to make this slot another huge hit.

Shopping Spree II – $366,000

Shopping Spree II is another “sequel” progressive and a hugely popular US legal online slot that is themed, would you believe, on shopping, spending and living the high life. That’s all very fitting given there is a chunky six-figure jackpot on offer and whilst $366,000 might not mean you could quit your job, you could certainly enjoy the shopping spree of a lifetime.

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold – $362,000

This slot, themed on the ancient world of Egypt is yet another follow up slot, with the original Cleopatra’s Gold one of the best-loved slots ever. With a top prize of more than $362,000 you could buy lots of gold, a trip to Egypt and lots more besides, whilst the 15 free spins in the triple win bonus round can also help you to your riches.

Let ‘Em Ride – $156,000

There is more than $156,000 available on the progressive version of this game and whilst Let ‘Em Ride isn’t a slot, this variation on five card stud poker is sure to keep you very interested.

Las Vegas USA Casino Bonuses

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Las Vegas USA is one of the best USA online casinos around and has been going since the very early days of online casino – 1999 to be exact. Here we give a brief overview of the casino in general as well as taking a more detailed look at the bonuses and promotions that are available right now to both new and existing customers.

The casino, which is incorporated in Panama but uses a UK credit card processor, offers excellent credit card acceptance rates for US players, processes withdrawals efficiently and offers excellent customer support. The great games, which are provided by Realtime Gaming (RTG) can be played in either instant play mode – which is our preference – or download and the games have been proven to be sufficiently random, and hence fair, by CDS, an accredited testing body.

As with all USA legal RTG casinos, the range of games is strong, with plenty of slots, including some huge jackpot progressives, as well as all the casino staples such as blackjack, roulette, video poker and so on.

So, on to those bonuses and it’s safe to say that Las Vegas USA are very strong in this department too. There are a range of bonuses available for new customers, the most generous of which comes with bonus code 400BONUS and is valid on scratch card games, keno and slots only. This offers new customers up to $10,000 in free casino action and is a 400% bonus with no maximum cashout. Whilst $10k is great for the whales, the 400% bonus applies to deposits from $20 and upwards, so this is great for regular players too.

Other bonuses include code 150BONUS, offering a 150% bonus which is valid for most games, SLOTS200, which offers a 200% bonus up to $7,000 but is more restricted in terms of eligible games, or IDBLASVEGAS, which gives you a 150% bonus up to $3,000.

Check the site for the full details of these offers and the wagering requirements but note that all of them have no maximum cashout, so if you’re luck’s in you can really win BIG!

When it comes to current Las Vegas USA customers the casino is equally generous. There is a different reload or promotion every day of the week, with, for example, Wild Wednesday offering a $300 bonus, Freaky Friday dishing up a $200 bonus that can be claimed 10 times and Matchup Monday easing those Monday blues with the same $200, 10 times bonus.

All in all Las Vegas USA offers a great package so why not see for yourself? Visit our complete Las Vegas USA Casino review and use any link to visit the casino and claim this exclusive bonus.

BetOnline Casino Features, Bonuses and Review

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BetOnline was first launched in 2001 so with 15 years of experience it comes as no surprise that they are one of the best USA online casinos around. As well as their excellent online casino they are a good one-stop venue for betting fans, offering a sportsbook, a dedicated racebook and a poker room too, all of which offer bonuses and all of which are polished, classy products. Here though, we focus on the casino.

When it comes to bonuses for new BetOnline customers, the casino scores pretty well, with a very solid welcome bonus package. Newcomers to BetOnline can claim a nice $1,000 slots bonus when they use bonus code SLOTS100 and not only is this bonus added to deposits of between $100 and $1,000, it’s added to ALL DEPOSITS!

That’s right, this is effectively an unlimited bonus because every single deposit you make at BetOnline will be doubled with the amazing SLOTS100 100% slots bonus. The bonus can only be claimed when your balance is zero and the maximum on any single deposit is $1,000 but with the 100% bonus being added whenever you deposit, this really is a sensational offer.

Naturally wagering and games restrictions apply but in conjunction with the other promotions BetOnline boast, the overall package is really very attractive. There are all-games reloads, a 10% rebate program on losses, a bonus especially for high rollers that is offered every month and even $25 free play in the excellent live casino.

Mobile casino fans will also be pleased to hear that BetOnline offer a nice mobile casino too and whilst the full range of games isn’t available on mobile, there are still plenty of options, including a very solid range of slots.

The games at the main BetOnline casino are powered by the renowned Rival software company and you will find loads of great slots, including progressive jackpot games, a live dealer casino and all the classics you love to play, such as blackjack, roulette, craps and video poker. Blackjack fans will especially love the various rulesets and formats that are available, some of which have very high maximum stakes, perfect for the high rollers out there!

All in all there is no doubt that BetOnline is a classy USA legal casino and with many of BetOnline’s rivals using Realtime Gaming (RTG) software, BetOnline is a good option for those wanting to play a new selection of games. Customer support is strong too so why not claim your bonus today and see for yourself?