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USA Legal Casinos News Page | USA Online Casinos - Part 6

5 Important Tips For Live Roulette Players

February 21, 2019 Category :Games Off

Online casino game players often switch between playing ordinary online roulette and live roulette. Live roulette is often seen as more vibrant and fast-paced, and it may require a more focused approach. However, that is not the only thing you should worry about if you’re considering making the jump from ordinary roulette to live roulette. Take a look at these five important tips for playing live roulette at USA online casinos.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue even when you play online games. Having a live dealer on your screen can make some players a bit nervous, resulting in them making big mistakes because they rush through their decisions and bets. Plan your strategy carefully and do not get carried away by the exciting environment that is live-streamed on your screen.

Set a Limit

Another way players get carried away when playing USA live casinos is that they sometimes spend more than they had originally planned. Therefore, it is always wise to set an upper limit which you do not want to overstep if you’re having an unlucky day. Even if lady luck does everything in your favor, try not to go over the limit, as you might lose it all in the end.

Choose One Roulette Type

Players who play various types of live roulette games often get confused with the rules and cannot manage to play them all successfully. Instead of being a jack of all trades but master of none, try mastering a single type of roulette and you will be able to witness positive results almost immediately.  Commit to the type of roulette you want to excel at, and your bankroll will thank you for it!

Be Careful with Mini Roulette

Mini roulette is very entertaining but not as rewarding as regular roulette. You can enjoy playing mini roulette, but try not to bet big sums of money on it as you are more likely to lose it all. The best time to play mini roulette is when you get tired of the ordinary ones and want to just enjoy watching the wheel spinning.

Choose Your Casinos Carefully

Not all casinos offer the same conditions for playing online live roulette games, so make sure to choose the ones that are available in the USA and have real roulette available. People often get scammed because they are not careful enough when choosing a site where they want to play online casino games.

Achilles — A Popular Progressive Slot by RTG

February 19, 2019 Category :Games Off

If you like playing online video slots that have progressive jackpots and you consider yourself a fan of ancient Greek culture and mythology, this slot is a perfect game for you. You can try this game at some of the popular USA online casinos and even test it for free.

The game is made by Real Time Gaming, which is one of the most popular online slot development companies in the world. Achilles features a total of 20 paylines and follows the adventures of the ancient Hero in his endeavors to win the Trojan War and capture the legendary city of Troy.

You can bet anywhere from $0.20 to $100.00 per spin, which means that this game is suitable both for beginners and high-rollers alike. Furthermore, there is an option which enables you to choose the number of lines that you want to include in your next spin. The best way to keep the game interesting and be eligible for winning the progressive jackpot is to always keep it at the maximum number of lines.

Symbols and Features

Some of the high-paying symbols in the game include Helen, Trojan Horse, and Greek Shields. On the other hand, the low paying ones are 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. There are two special symbols in the game – The Wild (Achilles) and the Scatter (Troy). If you manage to land three Achilles symbols on the reels, you will activate the bonus round, where you get to pick one symbol that will reveal a number of free spins (15, 20 or 25).

Furthermore, landing three or more scatter symbols will bring about 10 free games. During these free games, all prizes that you manage to win are doubled. The best thing about it is that you can re-trigger it every time you manage to land three or more scatters or wilds.

Finally, you can win the progressive jackpot at the conclusion of any game, and the jackpot is triggered at random.

If you don’t feel like playing online slot games today and are up for some live action instead, you can always learn more about live casino games in the US and experience the vibrant and exciting game play online with a real dealer.

3 Tips to Secure Your Online Casino Account

December 12, 2018 Category :General Off

The explosive growth of technology over the last couple decades has opened new and exciting opportunities across all industries, including the introduction of online casinos themselves. Unfortunately, these opportunities have also opened many doors behind which lie new threats and risks online casino players need to become aware of. Anymore it seems all too easy to fall for a phishing scam or other form of cyber attack as cyber-criminals invest a lot of time and effort into perfecting them due to the hefty payouts they can yield. The increase in both cyber attacks and the avenues these cyber-criminals are able to reach players has made proper account security the number one priority for online casino players everywhere.

First and foremost, ensure the online casino you choose is both reputable and secure. Getting an idea of an online casino’s reputation is just a Google search away, and will generally yield several reviews from many sources that discuss the pros and cons of certain online casinos. Lucky for you, you have found our website and we done this part for you. We only list reputable USA online casinos and have extensively reviewed the history and credentials of every USA online casino we list and recommend.

Next, checking for security is as essential as it is easy. Simply visit an online casino and, before entering any personal information, verify there is a “Secure” tag in front of the website’s URL. Another to verify this is by looking at the URL of the website. If the URL starts with “https”, the “s” means secure. Websites where the URL starts with just “http” means it has not purchased a secure certificate and your personal information may be able to be viewed by third parties. If you do not enter any personal information on the website, there actually no need for the https, but every all online casinos for real money should have a secure tag. While this seems like a mundane task, websites with the “Secure” tag are guaranteed to be registered, valid, and have proper levels of encryption.

Next, avoid simple passwords. Simple passwords which do not contain symbols, numbers and/or capital letters are easier for cyber-criminals to bypass. Mixing these complexities into one’s password is well worth any player’s time, as it adds another layer of defense between your personal information, such as credit card numbers, and cyber-criminals. With that said, that does not mean one should put together a random string of characters, numbers, and symbols and call it a day, as no one would be able to remember any of their passwords when the time comes to reenter them. Casino players should strive to create a password that is personal and easy to remember, includes complexities, and does not relate to any obvious personal details cyber-criminals can find online, such as one’s birthday.

Last, two factor authentication is an online security advancement that has recently risen in popularity, which offers massive account security improvements. It works by requiring a third piece of information on top of a username and password that only you have access to. This third piece of information can be anything, but generally comes in the form of a text to a personal phone or email sent to a personal email unrelated to the email attached to the account. Essentially, two factor authentication seeks to prove beyond just what a user has, such as their username and password that could be stolen by criminals, and tests what a user knows or can learn from another avenue of contact. It is the same principle banks apply to requiring a physical card and memorizing a personal PIN which increases security greatly. Not all online casinos have two factor authentication, and that does not mean a casino that is lacking it is any less trustworthy, but casino players can take solace in the online casinos that do offer two factor authentication, as the extra layer of security helps immensely.

All in all, no matter how much you play, in today’s Digital Age if you are creating accounts that require personal information it is essential to take proper account security measures. Cyber attacks are on the rise as criminals continuously work to discover new and innovative ways to acquire your information, so keeping ahead of the curve has become more cumbersome and difficult. However, there is no need to fear as long as the three essential tips given in this article are followed: find a reputable casino, avoid simple passwords, and, ideally, set up two factor authentication and of course stick with our listing of USA online casinos.

Drake Casino New Player Promotion

December 3, 2018 Category :Promotions Off

Drake CasinoThe Drake Casino is running an awesome new player promotion for anyone not already registered. This welcome bonus is special, because it allows players to choose how they receive their bonus, giving the power to the players. As a new player you are eligible to receive up to 540 free spins plus a 300% match bonus up to $6,000. Your personal reward is determined by the amount you deposit over your first three deposits and scales up to the maximums listed above as you raise how much you deposit.

The Drake Casino bonus is spread over your first three deposits where you can claim up to a 300% match bonus up to $2000 on each deposit. You will also receive free spin based on how much you deposit on each of your first 3 deposits. For example, if your first deposit is $50 dollars you will receive 60 free spins and a $150 bonus, but if your first deposit is $150 you will receive 180 free spins plus $450 in bonus cash. And as you can see, the benefits grow with the deposit size, so be sure to take that into consideration when deciding how much to invest. At most you can claim up to 540 free spins and $2000 in bonus cash on each of your first three deposits. We like when USA online casinos spread their sign up bonus over several deposits. This way you can make a smaller first deposit to try the casino if need be and still have plenty of bonus dollars to claim thereafter.

For those who are wondering how to sign up, Drake makes it very simple. First, visit Drake casino’s home page where you will be greeted with the welcome bonus on the first page. Next, click the “Join Now” button in the center of the page and complete the registration form with your personal information. Third, visit the cashier to make your first deposit and unlock your personal welcome bonus. A bonuscode is not needed as using one of our links makes you automatically eligible for the bonus.

Beyond their welcome bonus, Drake Casino runs several other promotions available to everyone. Anyone who deposits is automatically earns their Platinum bonus level, offering up to 30% up to $500 on every single deposit! That is also just the first level of their promotions club. Players’ standings will also be reviewed upon every withdraw request, and will have their bonus levels adjusted accordingly. As you move up in bonus levels, you gain access to not only more promotions, but also better promotions relative to the early levels of the club. This gives players plenty of incentive to climb the levels and make the best use of the Drake Casino promotions. Drake also offers yet another form of promotions in the form of weekly and seasonal bonuses. To access these promotions, players must simply sign up and check their weekly email newsletter to see the current promotions. As you can see, any player who takes advantage of Drake Casino’s many different player promotions will be able to reap the benefits for months to come.

For more information on the Drake Casino see our complete Drake Casino review and then use any link to visit the casino and sign up as a new player. The software at Drake is all flash based so there is not even a download required. In fact, Drake is one of our best USA flash casinos with great graphics and speedy games.

A Quick Look at Las Vegas USA

December 1, 2018 Category :Featured Casinos Off

Las Vegas USA CasinoIn business since 1999, Las Vegas USA has worked for almost twenty years to build one of most reputable online casinos available in the United States. Casino fans of any taste will have no trouble finding games that suit their interests, as Las Vegas USA offers a wide variety of casino games spanning all categories including, but not limited to, table games, online slots, video poker machines, and specialty games. Their specialty, however, lies in their slot game selection which they boast as “the best selection of slots games anywhere on earth!” Some of these slot games offer progressive jackpots, where by playing progressive slots players have a chance every spin to win massive jackpots that accumulate over time and are sometimes worth millions. Also, on top of the already massive catalog of games they offer, Las Vegas USA also constantly adds new games to their casino which are conveniently added directly under the new games category. These new game additions potentially provide all players hours of new and entertaining content, so one never runs out of options.

Delving deeper than just their game library, Las Vegas USA online casino has also spent the last two decades refining their customer service. As a result, players are offered live support incorporated directly into Las Vegas USA’s website. Support representatives are available around the clock and will help players with any issues or questions they have in a simple to use instant messenger format. If the instant messenger does not suit you, you also have the option to email their support directly for which they guarantee a response within 24 hours. They also offer a variety of payment methods and available platforms on which player can access Las Vegas USA as other dimensions of their phenomenal customer service. Some examples of these payment methods are Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, and Neteller, and when combined with the ability to access this casino from any Mac or PC without requiring a software package, Las Vegas USA makes it is easier than ever for casino fans to access the games they love.

Las Vegas USA does not stop there, however, as they run promotions that any casino fan can capitalize on. For starters, they offer unbeatable new player promotions that offer value well beyond their other promotions, but are only available once. A couple examples of the new player promotions offered are a 400% bonus up to $10,000 free and a 150% cashable bonus up to $3,000 free which show how lucrative these offers can be. Beyond these one-time promotions, Las Vegas USA also runs existent players promotions which are dependent on the day of the week and can be anything from deposit bonuses to free spins for their impressive library of slot games. However, the most interesting aspect of Las Vegas USA’s promotions are the special promotions they run for players many other online casinos skip out on. These bonuses include, but are not limited to, monthly and weekly bonuses, a birthday bonus, an anniversary bonus, and even their own loyalty program! Should players properly utilize all of Las Vegas USA’s promotions, they would be hard pressed to find another online casino with more valuable offers.

All in all, Las Vegas USA has spent the last two decades building and perfecting their online casino experience through a massive selection of games, superb customer service, and generous promotions. Their game library is second to none, especially in the slot game category, and will offer hours of entertainment to any casino fan searching for it. Also, their 24/7 365 live support via either a chat box right on their website or emailing support directly, supplemented with their various available payment methods and platforms to play on make it simple and easy for any casino fan to join and play. Last, their promotions go very in-depth and provide more than enough value to remain relevant in the face of other USA online casinos.

For more information see our full Las Vegas USA Casino Review where you can use any of links and be automatically eligible for the best bonuses. Give Las Vegas USA a try and we think you will like what they offer and being in business for almost 20 years you know they are one of the most reputable USA online casinos available.

Why Aladdins Gold is Our Best USA Online Casino

November 29, 2018 Category :Featured Casinos Off

Aladdins Gold CasinoThe Aladdins Gold Casino is our top recommended and best USA online casino for several reasons. If you have stumbled upon our news section here we thought we would take a little time to highlight Aladdins Gold and explain why they are our best USA online casino. If you live in the United States and are looking for a great online casino, read on.

The Aladdins Gold Casino has been in business since 2004 and has built a solid reputation as a fair and respectable online casino. The casino runs on the Real Time Gaming software and is available either for download or instant play. Both casino version offer a great selection of real money slots and online casino games. If you are a video poker player you are not forgotten either. Play single or multi hand video poker and choose from a wide variety of games.

One feature especially important for USA players, is Aladdins Gold ability to get USA credit card deposits approved. Deposit with your Visa or MasterCard and chances are it will approved. You can also deposit by Bitcoin if you prefer to not use a credit card. When you are ready to cash out request an ACH withdraw. ACH is our preferred withdraw method as your withdraw is placed directly into your personal checking account and the funds are available immediately.

Another reason to sign up at Aladdins Gold is by using one of our links you can claim one of the best USA casino bonuses available. For slots claim a 200% match bonus up to $2000 on each of your first 7 deposits. That is up to $14,000 in bonus dollars! If you want to play table games claim a 100% match bonus up to $1000 on each of your first 7 deposits. The Aladdins Gold bonus is one of the best not just because you can claim your bonus over multiple deposits but also because it does not carry any maximum cash out restrictions. Win as much as possible and can cash out every dollar!

If your looking for one of the best USA online casinos available, give Aladdins Gold a try. Once you play at Aladdins Gold chances are you will not want to play anywhere else. The game selection is outstanding, the banking options are some of the best for USA residents and the bonus is outstanding. See our complete Aladdins Gold Casino review and use any of our links to visit the casino and claim your bonus. By using one of our links you will be automatically eligible for the best bonus and you wont have any problems getting a deposit approved.

Find Your Casino Game

September 27, 2018 Category :Games Off

Casino GamesIf you are like most casino players, you have a certain game that you probably play more than others. If that is the case, and you want to play online, we have listed the best online casinos to play different casino games. Whether you like to play blackjack, roulette, craps, pai gow or another game, you can see our the best USA online casinos for playing the different online casino games available.

The more popular games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, just about every online casino will offer these games, but lesser known games like Pontoon, Spanish 21 and Tri Card Poker, not every online casino offers. By viewing our casino games listing you will not only find online casinos that offer the game you are looking for but the best USA online casinos for playing each and every game.

If you are a table games player and enjoy playing blackjack, roulette and/or baccarat, take advantage of the latest technology to hit the online casino world since its launch, live dealer games. Live dealer games allow you to play at an actual brick and mortar casino right from home. Connected by live streaming feed you can see and hear the dealer and watch your game from start to finish. Through the use of the feed and the special casino software employed, when its your turn to bet or act on your game, prompts will appear on your screen and play just like you would in a standard online casino. See our recommended USA live dealer casinos and play with an actual person as the dealer who runs the game just like when your at a brick and mortar casino.

If you are a slots player, just about every online casino offers online slots but some casino have a much larger and better selection of slots machines. See the best online casinos for playing USA online slots and play for real money. Choose from over 100 different online slot machines and if you are looking for a huge payday check out the progressive jackpots offered by our recommended casinos. Play machines that have jackpots in excess of $1 million!

The games offered online don’t stop at slots and table games. You can also find the best USA online video poker casinos and other games like online keno and scratch cards. Again, you can find the best online casinos that accept USA players and offer video poker (single hand and multi hand) and keno.

Regardless your particular casino games or slot, video poker or keno preference, you can find the best USA online casinos right here. We have been recommending USA online casinos for over  6 years and know which online casinos offer the best experience for USA residents. Play at any of our recommended online casinos for real money and know your money is always safe and you will get paid when you win.

Check Out Aladdins Gold

August 23, 2018 Category :Featured Casinos Off

Aladdins Gold CasinoOperating since 2004, Aladdin’s Gold Casino has had plenty of time to learn exactly what their customers want, how they want it, and become one of the most trusted and respected online casinos in the business. Specializing in slot games, Aladdin’s Gold has over 120 different games in their slots category with the latest releases being added as they become available. They also have a slew of other casino games, such as specialty, table games, and video poker for casino fans yearning for more than slot games. Aladdin’s Gold also offers progressive jackpot games in which users can win massive accumulating jackpots, sometimes with six figure sums, in just one spin. Winners walk away with a life changing sum of money.

Beyond their impressive offering of online casino games, Aladdin’s Gold Casino prides themselves on running outstanding promotions, and running them seven days a week. Claiming they provide unrivaled value to their customers on the latest games available, it is hard to argue with Aladdin’s Gold as their welcome offers, such as a 200% bonus for slot games on your first seven deposits in the first seven days, are difficult to beat. They also run daily promotions seven days a week that are available to everyone, not just those signing up. These daily promotions usually offer generous deposit bonuses along with cash back or free spins across any of their game categories, creating valuable promotions for casino fans every day such as a 363% deposit bonus for all games & 25% cashback.

Aladdin’s Gold also eliminates the need for a computer, or even an app, to play online games, as their mobile website offers players the same quality experience its desktop counterpart does. Aladdin’s Gold having a high quality mobile website opens new doors for casino fans and makes it easier than ever to play on the go. Now, whether travelling or just on your daily commute, you can access your favorite casino games for hours of entertainment.

Customer service is also dear to Aladdin’s Gold, made apparent by the convenient options players have for contacting them and their 24/7, 365 availability. Upon loading the casino’s website, players are greeted with Aladdin’s Gold’s toll free support number, as well as a live chat instant messenger incorporated into every page. Both the toll free support number and live chat instant messenger are aimed to quickly answer any pressing questions customers may have, while their third avenue of customer service, email, is also available directly from their website and is another option for customers who do not need an answer right away. When some other USA online casinos may be hard to reach, Aladdins Gold is always ready to help in any way.

All in all, Aladdin’s Gold is one of the most reputable USA online casinos and offers a variety of games, but has an especially expansive slot game category. Any casino fan who visits will quickly discover various promotions spanning from one-time welcome offers to daily promotions, all designed to offer unrivaled value to players. Aladdin’s Gold also offers a high-quality mobile website to allow customers to easily stay connected to their favorite games and several customer service options that are available 24/7, 365. See our complete Aladdins Gold Casino review for more information and to sign up as a new player.

Have You Tried a Live Dealer Casino?

June 24, 2018 Category :Features Off

Live DealersHave you tried a live dealer casino yet? If you like to play casino table games, specifically blackjack, baccarat, roulette, casino holdem and/or super 6, you really should try a live casino. Live dealer casinos allow you to play at a brick and mortar casino online through the use of a live streaming feed. Connected to the casino by a live feed, you can see the table and dealer as well as your game throughout the entire process. From the start of the game to the finish, the camera never leaves your table. In fact the camera never leaves the table at all. Even in between games you can watch as the dealer shuffles the cards or readies the game for action.

Live dealer casinos have gained a lot of popularity in the last year and more online casinos are now offering live dealer games. Be careful though, just like when choosing a standard online casino to play at, not all live dealer casinos are created equal and that is where we come in. We only list the very best USA live dealer casinos available. We have been playing online for years and have always liked playing at live dealer casinos. Because of that we know which casinos offer the best online experience and are reputable and which online casinos to avoid.

Our top USA live dealer casino is the BetOnline Casino. BetOnline has been in business since 2001 and has grown to be one of the most reputable USA online casinos available on the Internet. BetOnline was also one of the first live dealer casinos to hit the Internet. Play live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat and live dealer roulette. The software is all flash based so you do not even need to download any software to your computer to play. Simply sign up as a new player ad make a deposit to start playing all the live dealer games as well as standard online games, slots and video poker. And when you make a deposit, you can be pretty confident it will approved at BetOnline. They have some of the best USA deposit success rates of all USA online casinos. Deposit with your USA credit card, send Bitcoin and other crypto currencies or send cash using a cash transfer service. For more details and to visit the BetOnline Casino and sign up see our complete BetOnline Casino review.

Another top USA live dealer casino is the 5Dimes Casino. 5Dimes has been in business since 1996 and for an online gaming operator to stay in business for over 20 years speaks volumes to their credibility and customer experience. If an online casino does not do a lot of things of right they would not still be in business for over 20 years. For more information on the 5Dimes Casino see our 5Dimes Casino review and see why this is one of the best USA live casinos.

So if you haven’t tried a live dealer casino it is time you do. Whether you want to bet as little as $1 or as much as $5000, live dealer casino games offer a number of different tables available at different betting limits. When you open the live casino and choose the game of your choice simply click on the table which offers the betting limits you are comfortable with. Then choose your seat and start playing with a real live person as the dealer. If you have ever wondered how random computer generated games really are, using a live dealer casino should put all those suspicions to rest since it is a real person running the game and you are to watch the table the entire time you are connected to the casino.

Good luck at the tables! And be prepared, once you use a live online casino you may never want to play standard online casino games again. Below is an example of a live blackjack table at the BetOnline Casino.

BetOnline Live Blackjack Table