Play Live Games

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If you like blackjack, roulette or baccarat you can now play against live dealers over a streaming feed. Today’s technology continues to advance online gaming and Live Dealers is the latest major change in a few years. You can watch and chat with the dealer live as they deal your cards or spin the roulette wheel live.

In our opinion the BetOnline Casino is the best to play live dealer games. They have been in business since 2001 and have a reputation for player fairness, easy deposits and fast withdraws. BetOnline also offers 10% gamblers insurance so if you have a bad week they refund 10% of all losses every week which is paid on Mondays. They also offer an online poker room and one of the best online sportsbooks available to USA players.

BetOnline offers live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat and live dealer roulette. If you like high limits, the live games allow you to bet up to $500 a hand for blackjack and up to $5000 for baccarat and roulette. If you want high limits BetOnline is the spot. Plus by watching the dealers live it may put your mind at ease a little thinking maybe the casino is rigging the game. Of course they are not but human nature always leaves some wondering.

To get in the action with live dealers see our BetOnline Casino review. BetOnline is one of the best USA online casinos available and the live dealer play is a great addition. The live games are very popular and there are only a limited number of seats so during peak hours you may have to wait for a seat but BetOnline is currently in the process of adding more dealers.

Have fun and good luck at the tables. For standard traditional games BetOnline does not disappoint there either. They are among our top list of online baccarat casinos as well as blackjack, roulette and slots. The casino runs on the Rival software which has a great selection of slot machines including progressive jackpots.

Play Online Baccarat from the USA

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BetOnline Casino reviewNext to Blackjack, online Baccarat is the next most popular casino games to play online. Baccarat is a relatively easy game to learn and you find yourself on long winning streaks playing Baccarat. It is not uncommon to go on a 15 game or more winning streak playing Baccarat and if you use a progressive betting system you can quickly add up some huge winnings. Many high rollers like to play Baccarat because of the low house edge and high betting limits. The house edge is only 1.06% and you can find limits as high as $5000 per hand even for online Baccarat.

There are only three bets to make when playing Baccarat. You either bet with the player, bet with the dealer or place a tie bet. Betting with the player returns even money and when betting with the dealer you lay 11-10 odds. This is where the casino makes their money by taking 5% of the winnings from dealer bets. Tie bets pay 8-1 and some play the tie bet after 10 or more consecutive hands are played and a tie doesn’t occur.

One of the best ways to win a lot of money in Baccarat is by using a progressive betting system. Whether you continue to make the same bet (either by betting with the player or dealer) or switching your bets back and forth, if you get on a long winning streak your chip stack grows quickly. When we play online Baccarat we always use a progreesive betting system doubling our bet every other hand. If we start with a $25 bet and we win we bet $25 again. If that bet wins we double down with a $50 bet. Win again and we bet $50 and if we again we bet $100. Our betting structure would look like this: $50, $50, $100, $100, $200 and so on. Win 8 or 9 hands in a row and you can see how quickly your profits add up.

Just about all USA online casinos offer Baccarat but if you use a progressive betting system you need an online casino that offers high betting limits. The BetOnline Casino offers limits of up to $5000 per hand and also offers Live Dealer Baccarat. If we are playing high stakes we usually use the Live Dealer casino just because we like seeing our cards being dealt in real time and it also slows the game down a little. See our BetOnline Casino review and play against live dealers and also have the option of betting really high limits online.

We also recommend several other online casinos for Bacacrat which all offer online baccarat and pretty high limits. They all also offer a Baccarat bonus but be careful as most casinos do not count Baccarat play towards earning your bonus because of the low house odds. One Baccarat casino we do recommend is the Diamond VIP Casino because they offer a cash back bonus on your first 5 deposits. The cash back bonuses can be used for baccarat so that is one bonus you want to claim for playing baccarat online.

So if your looking for an easy game to play that can reward you with huge profits through a low house edge play Baccarat. All of of our casinos offer a great Baccarat experience but our listing of online Baccarat casinos are our favorite places to play.

WinPalace Named Featured Casino

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WinPalace CasinoGrand Parker will probably always be our top recommended USA online casino but we also like to highlight other casinos which also offer a great experience to our visitors. WinPalace is easily one of the top 3 USA online casinos available. They have been in business since 2009 and have a solid reputation among the online casino world. They are now our featured casino and if you are looking for a new casino to play at give WinPalace a try.

WinPalace runs using the Real Time Gaming software which is the preferred software package of many online casino players. They have a great selection of table games and is one of the best online slot casinos. The selection of slot machones is outstanding and the casino that use the RTG software all share in the progressive slot jackpots which get huge. You can always find a progressive jackpot over $1 million so if you want a chance at winning some life changing money head over and take your pick.

WinPalace also offers new players great sign up bonuses which are relatively easy top earn. You can claim a 200% match bonus up to $1000 on your first two deposits for table games and a 300% match slots bonus up to $3000. If blackjack is your game you can claim a 100% match blackjack bonus up to $500on your first 10 deposits. You are only required to roll over your bonus 25x’s before making a withdraw. Many casinos require a 30 or even 50x’s rollover so you can clear your WinPalace bonus easier than most casinos.

WinPalace only accepts Visa and MasterCard credit card deposits for United States players and does a great job getting them approved. Grand Parker still has what we feel are the best credit card acceptance rates but WinPalace is right behind them. Withdraws are offered by Bank Wire and are processed fast. You can expect to have your winnings in your account in about 3 to 5 business days.

If you have not played at WinPalace they are definitly worth checking pout and giving them a try. Be sure to claim your sign up bonus when you are making your first deposit. For more information and to sign up see our complete WinPalace Casino review and use any of links and be guaranteed the best bonus. Then all you need to do is make a deposit and start playing at any of their popular table games or online slots and when it is time to with draw your winnings you will receive it quickly.

Claim a Baccarat and Roulette Bonus

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BonusesIn most cases when online casinos offer a sign up bonus Baccarat and Roulette do not count toward earning that bonus. Most online casino bonuses require a rollover or playthrough requirement before you are able to make a withdraw. This means you must wager a specific amount before requesting a withdraw regardless of what your balance is.

An example of this would be if a casino offers a 100% match bonus with a 20x’s rollover. You would need to wager $2000 if you made a $100 deposit before making a withdraw. To calculate your rollover requirement you just take your deposit amount multiplied by the match percentage and then multiplied again by the rollover requirement. In this example you deposited $100 so you multiply that by the 100%. You get $100 as a result and you must multiply that by 20 (the rollover requirement) to get $2000. $100 x’s 100% x’s 20 = $2000

While the $2000 wagering requirement may sound like a lot it will go by faster than you think. A very important thing to keep in mind however is that most casinos do not count Baccarat and Roulette play towards earning that bonus. Check the bonus terms and conditions to be sure. So if you were planning on only playing Baccarat or Roulette you should not claim a bonus. If you do you would be required to wager at least $2000 on a different game before making a withdraw.

Online Baccarat and Roulette Bonuses

For every rule there is an exception and the Diamond VIP Casino is the exception to this rule. The only time you should claim a Baccarat or Roulette bonus is if the bonus is a cash back bonus. A cash back bonus is only claimed after you have made your deposit, played the game or games of your choice and lose your entire deposit amount. Then you can request your cash back bonus and have your deposit amount placed back into your account for further play. These are the only online baccarat bonuses and online roulette bonuses you should claim if you do not have plans on playing other games.

The Diamond VIP Casino offers a cash back bonus on your first 5 deposits. Claim a 100% cash back bonus on your first deposit, 90% on your second, 80% on your third, 70% on your forth and a 60% cash back bonus on your fifth deposit. Because you do not claim the bonus unless you lose you should take full advantage of casino cash back bonuses offered by USA online casinos.

Say you deposit $100 and play Baccarat. If you win you can make a withdraw anytime you want because you did not claim a bonus. If you lose then claim your cash back bonus and play a different game. Baccarat and Roulette do not count towards the cash back bonus either but it is free money to play another game with. And the Diamond VIP Casino only requires you to rollover your cash back bonus 1 time. So if you deposit a $100, lose and claim your cash back bonus, just play another game and you only have to wager $100. Once you meet that $100 rollover requirement you can make a withdraw!

Many players do not realize you can use the above scenario so they never claim a bonus if they only play Baccarat or Roulette. Diamond VIP will also offer redeposit cash back bonuses where you can use the bonus in the same way as above. Bonuses are free money and we always try to use as many bonuses as we can and use them to our full advantage. See the Diamond VIP Casino review for more details on their bonuses.

Another type of cash back bonus you can use is the Gambling Insurance provided by BetOnline. Every Monday BetOnline will refund 10% of your losses for the prior week. When you log into your BetOnline account Monday morning your 10% will be in your player account. This 10% includes losses from playing Baccarat and Roulette.

See our recommended online baccarat casinos and online roulette casinos. Play at Diamond VIP or BetOnline and you can still claim a Baccarat and/or Roulette bonus.

Best Spots for Slots and Blackjack

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Everyone uses online casinos for different reasons and have their preferences of games. Some like to play slots while others only play table games or video poker. For that reason we have put together a listing of where we feel are the best USA online casinos for online slots and blackjack. Depending on what you like to play certain casinos are better than others for different games.

If you prefer to play slots check out our listing of the best online slot casinos. Our top two casinos are the Grand Parker Casino and the Silver Oak Casino. Both run on the Real Time Gaming software package and offer a huge selection of slots. They both also participate in the huge progressive jackpots offered by the casinos on the RTG network. You can regularly find progressive jackpots over $1 million. Be sure to claim the bonuses offered by each casino and claim thousands of dollars in slots bonuses.

If blackjack is your game head over to BetOnline. BetOnline not only has a great selection of regular blackjack games but also offers live dealer blackjack. At the live tables you can see the dealer and your cards being dealt in real time over a live streaming feed. Claim a 25% match bonus on every deposit you make in the casino and also receive a 10% cash rebate on any losses over any given week.

If you want high limits the GoldenCherry Casino is a great choice. While they only offer standard single and multi hand blackjack, you can wager anywhere from $1 to $500 per hand. They have the highest blackjack limits with the exception of the live games at BetOnline where you can also wager $500 per hand. GoldenCherry offers a 50% match blackjack bonus on your first two deposits.

For more options you can see all the recommended online blackjack casinos we have listed to see which one meets your needs the best. We also have a listing of online roulette casinos and online baccarat casinos as well.

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We do our best to keep our news section as up to date as possible relying any relevant events in the USA online casino world. If you want an easy way to stay on top of the latest news be sure to follow us on FaceBook and Twitter. The most important headlines we publish here we will also list on FaceBook and Twitter. By following us you will be notified in your feed of any important information.

You can easily follow us by clicking the FaceBook or Twitter logo on the right hand side of our menu. Simply click the logo to be taken to our FaceBook and Twitter pages and ether like our page or follow us on Twitter. That way you will not miss out on any special promotions or worthy news as it relates to the USA online casinos we recommend.

Thanks for your support and we hope you will continue to use our website for the most thorough USA casino reviews and be guaranteed the best bonuses available. By following us on social media is just another easy way to make sure you do not miss out on any special happenings or bonuses.

Diamond VIP Named Featured Casino

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Diamond VIP CasinoWe wanted to give the Diamond VIP Casino some special reconigition so we have placed them as our featured USA friendly casino. Diamond VIP has been in business since 2009 and is one of the best USA friendly casinos to play at. They offer a great bonus, great banking options and the software is outstanding.

Sign up at Diamond VIP and receive a bonus on your first 5 deposits for both slots and table games. For slots you can claim a 300% match bonus on your first 5 deposits up to $2000 each. Table game bonuses are also available over your first 5 deposit as well and you can claim up to $1500 on each deposit. If your looking for a cash back bonus Diamond VIP also has you covered there. You can claim a 100% match cash back bonus on your first deposit and the next 4 deposits as well. Having this type of bonus structure lets you try the casino with a smaller deposit first and then you still have plenty of bonus dollars to claim when you make your next few deposits.

Make a deposit to Diamond with your USA Visa or MasterCard and get it approved. When it is time to make a withdraw you can request a wire transfer or have your credit card refunded up to the amount you have deposited. Wire transfers are available in your bank account in about 4 to 5 business days.

Diamond VIP uses the Real Time Gaming software and has a great selection of table games and slots including progressives. You can always find a progressive jackpot over $1 million to try to cash in on a huge win.

See our Diamond VIP Casino review for more information on one of the best USA online casinos available. Claim a great bonus and then take advantage of daily and weekly reload bonuses offered. Diamond VIP is one of our favorite places to play and after you give them a try we think you will agree.

Troubles in Cyprus

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In case you have not heard on the global wire lately, the country of Cyprus is experiencing severely poor economic conditions. They are in process of receiving money from the EU and IMF to make sure their banks to not become insolvent. Unfortunately many online casinos, poker rooms and sports books use the Cyprus banking system for their business. If you have experienced a delay in receiving a requested withdraw this is the reason why. It is not a concern that the actual casino operators do not have money to meet their obligations, it is a case of the banking system in Cyprus slowing down requested withdraws.

We have been in close contact with all the casino operators we recommend on our website to stay abreast of the situation. The good part is that some have begun to process withdraws and they are now just dealing with a back log. This is not the fault of the actual casinos but rather the regulations placed on the banks and the concern that the banks may actually run out of money. Of course the European Union will not allow the country to go bankrupt and will provide them and the banks with the influx of capital they need to keep a bad situation from getting worse.

We are confident this will be resolved shortly and the casinos are already moving their banking solutions to other countries. The casinos have plenty of cash “on the books” at their banks and none are in trouble of defaulting to their players. Players will just need to be patient in the coming days and expect a delay in their withdraws. Future withdraws are already being planned from other banking institutions to avoid any further delays.

Again we do expect every player to be paid that is currently waiting on a withdraw in the next few days. We ourselves are waiting on substantial amounts of money but are not concerned after speaking with the operators. We will update the situation here in our news section as we learn more as we are in contact with the casino operators daily.

For more information see this link from the BBC

Its Bonus Time at Grand Parker

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Sign Up BonusThe Grand Parker Casino is offering some special bonuses for new players to sign up today. If you do not yet have an account at Grand Parker today is a great day to join and make your first deposit. Today receive a 400% match slots bonus up to $4000 on your first deposit. Deposit $50 or more on your first deposit and receive the 400% match plus 15 free spins. Use Grand Parker bonus code STARTER2 to take advantage of this special sign up bonus.

If you want table games use bonus code GPTABLES for a 125% match up to $1000. You can redeem this bonus up to 4 times for a total of $5000 in table games bonuses. Grand Parker has the best selection of table games of all the USA online casinos available.

Today the sign up bonuses do not stop there however. Make a deposit of at least $100 using either of the above codes and also receive a 100% cash back bonus. In the event you do not fair well and lose your first deposit simply contact customer service through Live Chat and tell them you want your cash back bonus. They will then add your deposit amount back into your player account. You cannot ask for a better sign up bonus than that!

On top of all the great bonuses Grand Parker is also our best USA online casino. They always have great bonuses like the ones mentioned above and do an outstanding job getting USA credit card deposits approved. Deposit with your Visa or MasterCard and it will be approved. Grand Parker has the best USA credit card acceptance rates in the industry. If you have had trouble making deposits in the past at other casinos you wont at Grand Parker. When you want to withdraw your winnings you can do so by Bank Wire and have your money in 5 business days put directly into your personal bank account.

If you have never played at Grand Parker there is not a better time than today to sign up. See our full Grand Parker Casino review for information and then use any of our links and the above bonus codes and start playing at the best online casino for USA players.