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Why Use Our Online Casinos?

Posted on May 23, 2015 | Comments Off on Why Use Our Online Casinos?

Question MarkYou may be wondering to yourself, why should I use the casinos recommended here? What makes these online casinos any better than other casinos and other casinos recommended by other websites? There are several reasons we believe you are better off using our recommended USA online casinos but more than anything else we believe the fact we ourselves play at EVERY online casino listed here gives credibility to our selections.

Here at USALegalCasinos.com we do not just put up a listing of online casinos and walk away. We continue to play at all the online casinos we list and continue to update the reviews and pages found on our website to reveal both the good and the bad about the USA online casinos listed. Another reason why we believe you can trust our recommendations is that fact we have a monetary interest in listing the best online casinos available on the Internet.

Other webmasters may not like the fact we reveal this fact, but we (and other webmasters who list online casinos and operate websites like this one) are compensated by the casinos we list. When we get new players to sign up we receive a referral fee and the longer that player uses the casino the more money we ourselves make. It is in our best interest to not only recommend an online casino for you to play at, but recommend an online casino which you will enjoy playing at and continue to play at for a long time. The best way to have someone play at a casino for an extended amount of time is to make sure the casino they are playing at is in fact the best, and the casino meets all the needs the player is looking for. If a casino does not offer the games a player is looking for, cannot get deposits approved or is the casino sends withdraws slowly, chances are a player will not play at that casino very long, and we do not want that!

So yes, you caught us! We do not list these online casinos just to be nice guys and contribute to the Internet. We do in fact receive compensation, but only if we get someone to play at the casino and only if that player continues to play there.

So while we do receive compensation for listing online casinos, we want to make sure we are only listing the best online casinos so when someone signs up they continue to play at that casino for a good amount of time to come. That is the reason we make sure we play at all the online casinos we list and make sure they can accept USA deposits and send withdraws quickly, because if the casino cannot do these things, chances are you wont play there very long.

We want all the payers we send to an online casino to play as long as possible and the best way to make that happen is if the player wins! We ourselves will play at a casino longer if we are winning and if we seem to have better luck at a particular casino chances are we will play more at that casino than any other casino. For us, one way to try make that happen is to make sure the casinos are fair and the casino offers the lowest house advantage possible. We search the Internet and third party audit results to see the percentage of wins for slot machines and table games experienced by the auditing company (and our own personal experience but we trust the auditors more so than our own memory). So we would not want to send players to casinos that are crooked or “fix their games” in a way the casino has an unfair advantage. This is just another way of making sure we list the best casinos and make sure a new player will play as long as possible.

We have been recommending online casinos for close to a decade and the gambling knowledge behind all the people here at USA Online Casinos is second to none. You can see other reasons why we believe you should stick with our listing of casinos and have outlined them on a page Why Use Our Website. Check it out and make the decision for yourself but now you know the real reasons behind websites like this one and why we have a vested interest in making sure we list the very best USA online casinos available.

Good luck at the tables and slots and hopefully the above shed a little light on why you should use our recommended casinos and helped to convince you why our listed USA online casinos are the best available.

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